Shocking..! Fisherman fights with the largest catfish he’s ever seen…!!!

At whatever point you hear some person talk about a battle with a fish, you have a tendency to carry their story with a grain of salt. This enormous fish story? It’s the real thing! This 250 lb animal was gotten by Yuri Grisendi in Italy and it took all that he had as of late to wrestle this savage over the water line.Italian fisherman gets 265-pound catfish.

Yuri El Diablo Grisendi from Reggio Nell Emilia, Italy took care of a tremendous catfish that deliberate a vital 19 stone, or 265 pounds. Grisendi, a 38-year-old fisher who’s been searching for quite a while has never observed a fish of this gage and adequately positions this as his most noteworthy fish.

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