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PDT – ‘Nude Selfie’ is fun sketch on how a nude selfie could get distributed so easily. Beware , This is a fun sketch made by PDT to show the importance of selfies we take.

Actors-Ruchika Sharma,Yash Saini ,
Chief Assistant Director-Pavan Rawat ,
Assistant Director-Gurpreet Kaur
Casting Director-Ruchika Sharma
Music-Siddharth Parashar (SM STUDIOS),

Production-Sushil Chaple,Kriti Pachauri,Equipment Ekta Vision
Director of Photography (D.O.P)- Monty Bisht , Hair &
Make-up – Santosh Rawat
Editor – Anuj Ramatri , Asst. Editor – Neel Jadhav,Location – Ramji
Writer -Nijo Jonson,Yash Saini, Director/Producer – Rohit R Gaba, Nijo Jonson

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