Committed a Crime Against Women? Indore Will Now Cancel Your Driver’s Licence

Indore has set a point of reference, by choosing to wipe out licenses of those sentenced wrongdoings against women.

On April 23rd, 2018, a woman was driving her bike, when two men on a motorcycle allegedly molested her, yelling obscenities. While battling off the attackers, she lost control of her vehicle and endured multiple wounds. She told the Hindustan Times that the physical scars from the attack don’t measure up to the scars on her spirit.

All things considered, she stood up on Twitter, and the handle Indore’s Deputy Inspector General asked the woman to contact them. The handle belongs to the city’s Deputy Inspector General.

Could that wrongdoing have been counteracted, were the men not utilizing a vehicle?

Indore District Administration has thought of a move that they expectation will discourage violations against women.

According to the report distributed in The Times of India, offenders of multiple crimes against women, in Indore, stand to lose their driving permit.

Nishant Warwade, Indore District Collector, disclosed to TOI that the driving licenses of habitual guilty parties convicted for wrongdoings like molestation, rape and share harassment, will be canceled to support road safety.

Under a provision of the Motor Vehicle Act 1988, the licensing authority may take action under Section 19, which allows for disqualification from holding a driving permit or the cancelation of a present one. On the off chance that the permit holder or planned permit holder is a habitual criminal or drunkard, the authorizing authority has the privilege to act.

We trust this move by Indore administration helps change the mentality of guilty parties, thereby lessening the rate of violations against women.

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