After Nitish Kumar Split, Tejashwi Yadav’s Advice For Rahul Gandhi

Hours after Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar serenely cruised through the floor test with 131 officials supporting him in the 243-part Bihar Assembly, Lalu Yadav’s child and till as of late Mr Kumar’s agent, Tejashwi Yadav propelled a scorching assault on his previous manager whose sudden renunciation on Wednesday drove his gathering out of energy.

After the confide in vote, while addressing NDTV, Tejashwi, who feels that his gathering has been deceived by the their previous companion, asserted that “if Nitish Kumar were to go to the surveys today, he will lose”.

In the meantime, the 27-year-old, who still feels sure about Congress, one of the accomplices in the recent Mahagathbandhan in Bihar, offered a recommendation to its VP Rahul Gandhi that he ought to join all restriction parties and convey them at one stage to go up against the BJP.

“Rahul Gandhi is extremely mindful. He needs to take this test. We had a word about it when I met him in Delhi (before Bihar saw exchanging of political loyalties). He has been attempting (to assemble bolster). He can do it. He can do it. Be that as it may, he needs to begin thinking about a move,” Tejashwi said.

Disclose to him that Nitish Kumar has an impressive fan base of adolescents who have faith in their Chief Minister, Tejashwi rubbishes it by saying that “Biharis are politically exceptionally dynamic and comprehend what’s happening”.

“I don’t imagine that youthful Biharis like Nitish ji any longer. In urban communities, whoever was discussing Nitish ji was a BJP voter. In rustic zones, Nitish ji ke voters hai hey nahi (he doesn’t have supporters). Nitish ji gabs, yet he needs to accomplish something. He additionally needs to clear his belief system whether Godse or Gandhi,” he said.

Thinking about the current advancements that denied him of his no 2 position in the state government, he revealed to NDTV that Nitish ji claims he sat tight for an elucidation on “Tejashwi’s case” and when that didn’t come “he understood that this legislature needed to go”. Be that as it may, “when I went to meet him, he didn’t determine what sort of illumination he was searching for”.

“Amid our meeting, he said he wasn’t requesting my abdication and it was only talk. He ought to have called me after Sushil Modi’s charges to clear things. Be that as it may, he never did. He just demanded there must be some illumination without indicating anything,” an irate Tejashwi said.

While calling Nitish Kumar’s turn a well thoroughly considered system, Tejashwi requests to know “why couldn’t Nitish ji have persistence?” and what was the rush to be accomplices with a gathering that he scrutinized so much and couldn’t help contradicting. “His moves were pre-arranged. Nitish ji had chosen to go to the BJP. He had been arranging it for a while. He was in contact with the BJP. I was only a pawn,” he said.

He included, “He used to talk against BJP and RSS. He used to exhort me, ‘Tejashwi, you have a splendid future. We are old at this point. They are destroying the nation and you should contend energetically. You need to comprehend to what degree they can go to (stay in control).’ He has duped the Biharis who had voted in favor of the Mahagathbandhan and against the BJP by shaping an administration with the BJP. He played grimy legislative issues.”

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