Rahul Gandhi Posts Picture of Himself ‘Fixing’ His Helicopter; Gets Appreciated Online

On Friday, Rahul Gandhi, who has been occupied with battling for the progressing Lok Sabha decisions, posted an image of himself on Instagram which demonstrated him attempting to fix something on his helicopter. His chopper separated in the Una district of Himachal Pradesh while the Congress President was en route to rally in Una and Mandi.

Notwithstanding, rather than trusting that others will fix his chopper, Gandhi chose to loan some assistance.

He posted the image with the inscription, “Good teamwork means all hands to the deck! We had a problem with our helicopter in Una, HP today, that working together we quickly fixed. Nothing serious thankfully.”

Gandhi mentioned that the chopper broke down because of some technical glitches; nevertheless, “teamwork” helped solve the problem quickly.

As far back as the image was shared on Gandhi’s legitimate Instagram account, netizens have been cheering him and commending his endeavors. At any rate 85,000 individuals have loved it while thousands have remarked too.

In the event that you missed the image, here goes:

RAhul gandhi repairing helicopter pics

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