Again Matrimony Cheats; Man Rapes Lady Doctor and Robbed her 26 Lakhs…

LAST MODIFIED: December 7 2018, 10:34 IST

Today many people are being victims of many types of Social Media Cheats.  Ignorant people getting duped by fraud grooms/brides on matrimony sites is also there.  Here is a case which is a combination of both. This has come to light in Bengaluru.  The victim is a lady doctor.  She is 40 and has been looking for a bridegroom.  She advertised in a local publication earlier this year for a marriage alliance.  One Ramamurthy called her up and presented himself as an eligible guy.


The lady set aside her opportunity to confide in him. She talked with her him numerous weeks via telephone. In September, she chose to meet Ramamurthy at an open place in Bengaluru. The man revealed to her that he functions as an officer in the administration’s wellbeing division. He disclosed to her he can anchor employments for her, her relatives and companions. On the guise of utilizing their monies as a reward, he gathered Rs 26 lakh from the specialist and her companions/relatives.

Since the man promised to marry her, the doctor even had a sexual relationship with him.  All of this ended suddenly when he stopped lifting her calls.  Ramamurthy’s phone has been switched off for many days now. Getting suspicious, the doctor has lodged a police complaint.  When caught, Ramamurthy will be tried under relevant laws, including anti-rape sections of the IPC.


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