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APJ Abdul Kalam Birth Anniversary: Today is the 88th birth anniversary of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam!

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APJ Abdul Kalam Birth Anniversary: Today is the 88th birth anniversary of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, the great scientist, teacher, and former President. Kalam described education as the basis of a new India. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Center established by him in 2012 is doing exemplary work in this direction. The co-founder and CEO of this institution, known as Kalam Center, Sreejan Pal Singh, while explaining the heart of these efforts, hopes that Kalam Sir’s dream will come true soon.

Abdul Kalam Birthday
Abdul Kalam Birthday

The creation says, ‘Dr. Kalam understood the importance of education very well. Therefore, throughout his life, he stayed in fulfillment of this goal. He breathed his last while addressing students at IIM Shillong. I was with him even at that moment. When he laid the foundation of the Kalam Center in New Delhi, I had the privilege of joining him as a co-founder in this noble cause. I became a permanent assistant to Dr. Kalam after receiving a Gold Medal in Management from IIM, Ahmedabad in 2009.

I was appointed as a Special Duty Officer (Advisor, Policy and Technology) at Rashtrapati Bhavan. I saw the philosophy and personality of Kalam sir very closely. It was my great fortune that he gave me an opportunity to join the realization of his great dream for the country. His clear message was that only on the basis of education, India can enter the golden period of success. Education was his favorite subject and he made every effort to fulfill it. The Kalam Center is busy in fulfilling these objectives today.

Abdul Kalam
Abdul Kalam

In 2018, the Ministry of Human Resource Development released the National Achievement Survey Report on the status-progress of education in districts across the country. Telangana was left behind in this. The level of education among school students marked below expectations. In addition, the survey revealed that in many districts of the country, the level of moral values ​​in school children is also relatively low.

Dr. Kalam always said that youth are the real strength of the country, on whose help India will become a world power. Therefore, the Kalam Center started a massive effort to improve the standard of schooling in Telangana and to incorporate moral values ​​in the schooling of the country, so that we can build a capable new generation that will create a new India. The ‘Kalam Bharat’ program has become dynamic in many parts of the country including Telangana today. Many youths are participating in it with unprecedented enthusiasm and full responsibility. To join this program, well-educated youth from every corner of the country approaches the Kalam Center. These youth are given the opportunity to work as a teacher-volunteer in every government school in their district.

He contributes a total of 100 hours there in 16 weeks and feels gratified by paying his humble tribute to Kalam sir by doing so. These volunteers are making a significant contribution to teaching science and Indian values ​​to government school children. A special course has also been made so that children can be taught in an effective manner. Special dialogue and continuous consultation with children are also a part of this process so that the courage and ability to set high goals in life, cherish big dreams and fulfill them can be filled in them. So far, we have given a big goal to more than 38 thousand children of 270 schools to become ‘Kalam’.

APJ Abdul Kalam
APJ Abdul Kalam

Kalam Library Project inaugurated today

Dr. Kalam always believed that the easy availability of useful books is necessary for every child of the country. Libraries have also been opened in 270 schools in Telangana as Kalam Library Project by the Kalam Center under the Kalam Bharat program, which will be inaugurated today on the 88th birth anniversary of Dr. Kalam. Apart from libraries, sports equipment and resources have also been provided in these schools.

Kalam Sir used to say that the youth will create a new India. We are busy preparing a generation for which there is nothing like mistrust and impossible. This is what Dr. Kalam wanted.

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