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Home News Astronomy discloses information about the "Coronavirus Ending Time in the World"

Astronomy discloses information about the “Coronavirus Ending Time in the World”

Astronomy says that the entire world will die again by the end of May. In the last week of December 2019, six planets met in Sagittarius and the eclipse occurred during the same period.

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Astronomy says that the entire world will die again by the end of May. In the last week of December 2019, six planets met in Sagittarius and the eclipse occurred during the same period.

Corona Virus Wiki
Corona Virus Wiki

In this eclipse, the all-powerful Jupiter Jupiter lurks in his own house, and Ketu, a viral infection, is strengthened. Although there have been signs of the coronation in China since early December, the first cases come out of Wuhan on the 29th after the 26th eclipse.

Mars, which arrived with Ketu, has accelerated the origin and spread of the virus. Mars, which touched Ketu in early February, is now approaching Saturn, who is in the midst of a fierce and awe-inspiring disaster and has reached the world’s most destructive fiery meeting.

This is where the Jupiter Then the Mercury will make its entrance in the morning after midnight on 29 March. Exactly two days later, on April 1, the planet Kuja-Saturn in the constellation Saturn in Makaram Rasi will be defeated. By this time, the horror of astrology is growing.

Solar Eclipse In Clouds
Solar Eclipse In Clouds

Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars will begin to creep into harm’s way when Mars enters Thiruvananthapuram on the night of April 5th, from the constellation Star. As the sun moves into the afternoon sun on April 13, the spread of the disease will lessen and bring more relief.

Mars, which accompanied Ketu, accelerated the origins and propagation of Rogue. Mars, which touched Ketu in early February, is now in a state of fierce climbing, approaching Saturn and reaching the world’s most destructive fiery meeting.

Mars will enter into the constellation of Mars on the night of May 4 and the panic will begin to heal. On May 20, Rahu will be calmer as he moves from Thiruvathira to Makairama.

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