Class 10 serial kisser Boy Who Kissed Random Minor Girls Arrested

It’s a general recognition that young ladies’ folks should be more ready and wary to the extent the security of their girls is concerned. Notwithstanding, guardians of minor young ladies in Chennai were having restless evenings and the reason was an adolescent kid.

Yes, you read it right! For over 20 days, an understudy of the tenth standard from Chitlapakkam’s govt. school had been kissing irregular minor young ladies in Selaiyur and East Tambaram. On occasion, his kisses were intense to the point that the young ladies’ lips begun dying.

It was on Sunday evening that a lady SI captured the blamed in the wake of catching him in the act when he made an endeavor of running resulting to kissing a minor young lady in East Tambaram.

The minute he was overwhelmed by the woman SI, individuals from neighborhood hurried at the place and started to whip him.

The incensed group was some way or another controlled and the charged was taken to a healing facility in closeness. In the meantime, the Selaiyur police was educated as well.

According to neighborhood open, he was found in the CCTV recording already yet couldn’t be found. Shockingly, an area watch group was likewise made for getting the fellow who was irritating minor young ladies.

In the wake of getting the news of his being hospitalized, numerous people from neighborhood made it to the doctor’s facility and the Selaiyur cops were compelled to remind local people that they couldn’t take law into hands, particularly when the charged is a minor.

Consequent to beginning treatment, the kid was assumed to a mystery position by the cops.