Cyanobacterias in water cause mysterious elephant deaths in Botswana …

The reason for the mass death of elephants in Botswana is the bacteria in the water. The poisoning of cyanobacteria in the water has been found to have killed hundreds of elephants. Last July, the Botswana government launched an investigation to find the killers who caused the elephants to fall.

Emdi Reuben, veterinary principal officer for the wildlife department, said the neuro toxins in the cyanobacteria were responsible for the deaths of the elephants. But it is not yet clear why only the elephants died and why only the elephants in the area tilted.

Botswana has the largest elephant population in the world at 130,000. More than 20 elephant are dead have been found in Botswana’s border country of Zimbabwe.The fact that most of the elephant carcasses were found near water bodies and ponds raised suspicions about the bacteria.

Elephants usually drink water from the middle of lakes, but cyanobacteria are more likely to be found along the shores of lakes. Therefore, there were suspicions that any disease affecting the function of the brain could be the cause of death. Some of the tilted elephants are lying face down. It is also clear that this indicates a sudden death.


But there are still many doubts, including how the virus’s work on elephants. This is about ten percent of the country’s elephants. It contributes about 10 to 12 percent of Botswana’s GDP, which promotes eco – tourism in the wild. It is the second largest source of income in the country after the diamond trade

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