Happy Navratri 2018 Wishes, Wallpaper, Photos, Pics, SMS, Greetings

Navratri puja is one of the most popular pujas done by Hindu households. Navratri puja is dedicated worshiping Maa Durga and is said to confer great merits and prosperity to the observers. Here is an easy to do Navratri puja vidhi for those who wish to perform it in their homes.

Navaratri 2018 in India began on Wednesday,10 October and ends on Thursday , 18 October.
Dates may vary.

General rules for Navratri puja

Navratri puja is a great occasion to connect with the most merciful Maa Durga, the embodiment of all powers, wisdom, compassion, and glory. Therefore take the puja very seriously and exhibit full devotion, concentration and love. Keep the puja place very clean and serene. Purity of the mind and body is very important during the puja.

Happy Navratri 2018 Wishes Images, Messages, Photos and Status for Whatsapp and Facebook: It is believed, that Goddess Durga battled with demon Mahishasura and emerged victorious. Wish your loved ones on this auspicious occasion.

The auspicious nine days of Navratri starts from October 10. When it comes to the importance of Navratri, like every other Indian festival, the core message remains the same – the victory of good over evil – but the stories and the narratives differ. Even across the geography of India, while the eastern and north-eastern states refer to the celebrations as Durga Puja, for the northern and western belt, it is a nine-night festival that is observed to celebrate the victory of Rama over Ravana

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On this auspicious occasion, here are some wishes that you can send to your friends and family. 

* Navratri means 9 nights of devotion. Spirituality. Celebrations. Music. Dance. Garba. Stuti.
Hope the divine blessings of Maa always be with you.
Happy Navratri

* May this Navratri bring
happiness in your life
Hatred be far away.
And also the strife.
Happy Navratri.

* May this Navratri be as bright as ever
It’s time to celebrate sing and dance
May Maa bless you in every way
May you get your perfect chance
Happy Navratri.

* May the brightness of Navratri
Fill your days with cheer
May all your dreams come true
During Navratri and all through the year
Happy Navratri

* May Maa durga empower you and your family
with her nine swaroopas of name, fame, health, wealth, happiness, humanity, education, bhakti, shakti.
Happy Navratri.

* Joy, health and a lot of charm
Success, status and no harm
These are my special wishes for you
May each day of Navratri bring something new
Happy Navratri.

* It’s an auspicious day of Navratri
Make a wish and it shall come true
Do good deeds and forget the rest
Maa is constantly watching you
Happy Navratri.

* Dandiya raas and lot of fun
The festivities of Navratri have begun
May you be blessed with peace and love
By Maa Durga from heaven above
Happy Navratri.

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