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Kerala Government Bans single use plastic from January One !

plastic bans in keralal

The manufacture, sale, and storage of one-time-use plastic items will be banned from January 1, 2020. The decision was taken at a Cabinet meeting here on Thursday. The prohibition has been imposed on the basis of the recommendations of the expert committee appointed to suggest ways to reduce plastic waste. “The decision has been made in the wake of the realization that abandoned plastic materials growing into a major environmental and health hazard,” a statement from the Chief Minister’s Office said Here are the items that have been banned: plastic carry bag, table-top plastic sheet, cooling lm, use-and-throw cups,

Keralal Government Bans single use plastic from January One

plates, spoons and forks, ornamental items made using styrofoam and thermocool, stirrers,paper cups with plastic coating, non-woven bags, plastic bags, plastic bunting, plastic water pouches, plastic juice packets, PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles for drinking (below 300 ml), plastic garbage bags, PVC ex materials, and plastic packets.

Here are the exempted items: plastic for export purposes, the plastic used in the pharma industry, materials made of compostable or biodegradable Protection Act, 1986. Those empowered to take action are collectors, sub-divisional magistrates, Pollution Control Board officials, secretaries of local bodies, and officials deputed by the Centre under the1986 Act. Ane of Rs 10,000 will be slapped on manufacturers, wholesalers and small traders who defy the ban. If the ban is violated for a second time, the ne will be Rs

Keralal Government Bans single use plastic from January One

25,000. A third violation will invite closure and a one of 50,000. As per the Extended Producers’ Responsibility Plan, Beverages Corporation, Kerafed,  Milma and Kerala Water Authority are already obliged to buy back the plastic bottles and covers from consumers. Under the Solid Waste Management Rules of the Ministry of Environment and Forest, ve per cent of land in industrial parks should be set apart for waste processing and recycling. This will be enforced strictly. The Industries Department will introduce incentive schemes to encourage companies that manufacture environment-friendly bag

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