Kerala with antigen test: Covid results in 30 minutes

Kerala with antigen test Covid results in 30 minutes

In an alarming situation where the number of COVID patients and contact patients has increased, the antigen test is being launched in the state. The government is planning to conduct 15,000 checks per day from Wednesday. Initial testing will be done in cavity care centers, including in containment areas and hospitals, as well as in unidentified districts. Antigen testing can be done in conjunction with antibody testing. The specialty of this test is that it can be detected on the second day if the virus enters the body.

Coronavirus Symptoms

Coronavirus Symptoms

Antigens are alien substances released from the body. The antigen test method is to identify the presence of protein components of the secreted virus in the mouth and nose. The antigen test results in as little as 30 minutes when the standard PCR test takes up to five hours. The Q-COVID-19 antigen detection kit, developed by Korean company SD Biosensor, will be used. RTPCR will also perform the test if the result of the disease suspects is negative. But even with the presence of mild antigen, the disease can be confirmed.

The government has approached the ICMR demanding permission for more private labs as it has to conduct 15,000 tests daily. The government has also set criteria for selecting laboratories, antibody test kits, sample collection, test results, and other related procedures. In order to get permission for more labs in the private sector, the government must meet the criteria set by the government.

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How did China overcome the coronavirus What is the secret hidden in the licorice

The test results should be uploaded only to the Health Department portal. Laboratories must assure the government that the results will not be disclosed or disclosed to patients directly. Only ICMR approved test kits shall be used. Trained teams should be assigned to collect samples from homes. Such teams must use masks and PPE kits and follow the medical waste protocol. The Nodal Officer must ensure that all details are collected from the person. Final confirmation of microbiologist or lab-in-charge antibody test results in private laboratories should be made. The results will be announced only after obtaining approval from the state health department.Antigen Test

At the same time, the government has also decided to reduce the rate of RTPCR testing to detect Covid-19 in private labs. The decision was made after complaints that ordinary people could not afford it because of the need for minor scientific procedures to mandate Kovid testing. The new order will go down soon. Currently, private labs are being charged RTPCR for Rs 4,500.

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