Kitten with different eye color

Kitten with Different Eye Color, Here is the Reason!

Curious kitten in Thripunithura, a kitten with different colors for both eyes. All cats have the same eye color. But this kitten has one eye blue and the other brown. The kitten arrived at Jensen Joy’s home two weeks ago in the south-eastern Mandanath home. They were raised with curiosity because their eyes were different. It was named Kingini. In many countries, these cats are in great demand.

Senior veterinary surgeon Dr. Dawson said that cats and dogs with two eyes are very rare. Said Sajan Thomas. This is due to the heterochromia iridis. In this case, one eye is blue and the other is green, brown or yellow. It is genetically specific. This condition is more frequent in white cats. He also said, “Some of the illnesses change the color of the eyes”.


Known technically as heterochromia iridis or differently colored irises, this condition is also called odd-eyed. It’s primarily a genetic condition carried by the same gene that makes cats white. Different colored eyes are more common in certain breeds. A cat’s eye color is determined by melanin, the pigment that affects the color of our skin. While kittens are all born with blue eyes, melanin moves to the irises as they age and changes the color. By 12 weeks, the eye color they have is the one they keep. Depending on their level of melanin, they could keep their blue eyes or have any combination of blue, yellow, green or brown eyes.

As many as three out of 10 cats with heterochromia may be deaf, but most are not. There certainly are health concerns when older cats develop the condition, though. It could be caused by a blood or iron buildup at the front of the eye and requires veterinarian care.

What are your experiences with heterochromia in cats?

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