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Home News Meet Ayanna Williams, She attempts to grow World’s Longest Nails

Meet Ayanna Williams, She attempts to grow World’s Longest Nails

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A Texas lady who has been growing her nails for over two years believes they will one day be the world’s longest.

Ayanna Williams has been growing her fingernails for more than 20 years. Williams has just been named the Guinness World Record holder for the longest nails. It takes her two bottles of nail polish and up to 20 hours to paint her nails. She preserves her long nails and avoids household chores.
Williams was at first roused to develop her nails by her companions, additionally said she needed to make an impression on her grandchildren that being diverse is alright.
“It’s for my grandchildren more than anything,” she told the media. “So they can have something to think back on and say this is my gammy.”
Each of her nails is somewhere around 26 and 26 and a half inches and separated from her inspiration Williams said she routinely gets one specific question.
“The million dollar question that we get is how would we wipe our butts,” she said. “Generally I simply let them know like in the event that you go to the restroom out in the open you don’t sit on the toilets. That is the way I do at home in light of the fact that my nails are so long.”
Williams additionally develops out her toenails, however, has no enthusiasm for guaranteeing that record.
“I have been reached by the world record holder and I advised her I don’t think I can do it,” she said.
She has visited with Ripley’s Believe It or Not and plans to star in reality appear with her companions known as “The Real Nail Queens,” however her essential objective is to give trust and certainty to casualties of harassing.

Ayanna Williams
Ayanna Williams

“My nails don’t characterize me,” she said. “Many individuals are secluded from everything on account of the way they live and they’re unique in relation to everyone. On the off chance that you didn’t see my nails, you would believe I’m much the same as any other person. In any case, when I put my nails out, [they say] gracious she’s a monstrosity.”

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