Most Inspiring Women in India

There is no power equivalent to a lady resolved to rise. A lady is the most wonderful animal of God and is the genuine modeler of the general public. It is hard to aggregate up to the quality and excellence of a lady in a few words, anyway, she is the exemplification of solidarity, tirelessness, sympathy, strong head, aspiration, passionate, ethereal and pardoning. In the event that a lady is resolved to pursue her fantasies, at that point there is no power which can ever stop her.

Though it is believed that woman came from the rib of the man, to be equal with him, to be cared and loved for who she is, but for eons a woman’s status in the male patriarchal society has been never equal to the man. There has been a huge cry for women empowerment across the globe, yet India is a powerful country hasn’t been able to curb the women empowerment greatly.

1.Sabbah Haji

The director of Haji Public School set in dread inclined Briswana situated at a height of 7100 ft piles of Doda in Kashmir, had a prospering activity in Bangalore, yet her decided personality to spread training to the offspring of Jammu and Kashmir. She found employment elsewhere and began educating in two rooms of her dad’s home and in five years she extended her school which currently has 200 understudies and no dropouts. She was granted the L’oreal Paris Femina Award 2013 for Education.

2. Kalpana Saroj

The original slumdog millionaire, Kalpana Saroj is the CEO of $112 million business. Be that as it may, her prosperity street is the then’t luxurious situation, the Dalit woman was conceived in neediness and because of the chances of society she turned into a youngster lady of the hour and was agonizingly manhandled, whipped by her better half’s family.

Rescued by her father, she left for Mumbai and started working in a garment factory and with grit, perseverance and a superhuman ability to have faith in yourself, Kalpana Saroj started her own Boutique, furniture and Parlor Business joining the league of successful businesswomen. She is a

recipient of Padma Shri award, and says, “If you give your heart and soul to your job and never give up, things can happen for you.”

Kalpana Saroj
Kalpana Saroj

3. Tania Sachdev

The queen is the powerful player in chess and Tania Sachdev proves it right. Strong headed and focus defines her personality, at the age of 8 she won her first International title in the mind game chess. She was awarded the prestigious Arjuna Award and has even won the titles of International Master and Woman Grandmaster. According to the FIDE she is one of the top 100 chess players in the world.

4. Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw

The organizer and administrator of biotechnology organization Biocon Ltd, Kiran Mazumdar is in the rundown of 100 Most Powerful Women of Forbes. She is the beneficiary of Othmer Gold Award 2014 for her mind-blowing work in the field of science and science and furthermore is the executive of IIM-B. quotes her vision at Bicon, “One of my objectives, when I started Biocon, was to make sure that I create a company for women scientists to pursue a vocation.”

5. Arunima Sinha 

It doesn’t matter what you achieve in life. What matters is how those achievements make you a better person. Firstly we would applaud her for her resilience, courage and never-give-up attitude. A national volleyball player, Arunima Sinha is the first female amputee to climb the glorious Mt. Everest. She lost her leg, when a gang of goons threw her out of a running train, when she withstood against them.

6. Mumtaz Shaikh

It is said that when you have faith in yourself, you can simply accomplish dreams turn. Mumtaz Shaikh, a solid dissident of “Ideal to Pee”, who buckles down for the welfare for the ladies is one of the motivational ladies in the BBC’s rundown of 100 most inspiring women.

7. Mary Kom

Don’t let anyone tell you, you are weak because you are a woman”, famous lines of MC Kom. Mary Kom needs no introduction, the pride of India, who has challenged life and won it inspiringly. A mother of two and 5 times world boxing champion, tells us never to give up and to always have belief in oneself.

She is an epitome of will-power, strength and courage, a lady who has never given up the path of hardships and inspires every lady to stay focused and strong willed. We salute the Arjuna award winner and tell all our readers to be inspired by her.

8. Laxmi Saa

Where the young ladies over the world discouraged about their looks and body shape, we have a valiant corrosive assault survivor Laxmi Saa who had a horrible family condition and experienced corrosive assault that contorted her face and life. Be that as it may, she battled back her feeble circumstance and now is The Face of Courage of Viva N Diva attire brand. She works with Stop Acid Attack crusade and was granted esteemed International Women of Courage Award.


9.Tessy Thomas

The Agni Putri of India, who makes each lady feel glad about herself, Tessy Thomas is a notable face of DRDO, who turned into the principal lady to lead a fruitful rocket venture “Agni V” in India. She is captivated about her work at DRDO and offers her story that she has never felt sex segregation at work, which demonstrates that your diligent work and objective situated personality can never pull you down.

10. Bhakti Sharma

Hailing from the City of Lakes- Udaipur, Bhakti Sharma is truly a woman of steel and honour. At the age of 25,She became the first Asian and the youngest girl to swim 2.3 km of the coldest Antarctic Ocean in 41 minutes- a true heroic personality. She has swum in all the 5 oceans of the world and has been awarded for her adventurous heart the Tenzing Norgay National Adventure Award in 2010. We are proud to have a bold and strong headed woman like Bhakti Sharma in our society.

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