Onion Cross 200 Rs in Market Price. But Farmers Get Only Rs 8 for 1 Kg. Who Makes All The Profit

Onion Cross 200 Rs in Market Price. But Farmers Get Only Rs 8 for 1 Kg. Who Makes All The Profit?

Onion involves a special part in Indian kitchens and is appreciated in huge amounts by people in the subcontinent. In any case, it’s taking off costs that have diminished the spirits in numerous family units.

Accessible at a rate cross 200 Rs for 1Kg today, it is certain that not every person can bear to get it. The cost, as obvious, is considerably costlier than that of petroleum and diesel, which sparked massive protests across the country every time that a certain paisa is increased. But, while we may blame our ill-luck and the apathy of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led NDA government at the center for this punch on the common man’s wallet, the difficulties that farmers are withstanding are manifold more worrisome.

As we find in the above video, a farmer from Maharashtra is crying over the ludicrous value he got for his onion. The video has now turned into a viral on social media and the farmer who hails from Ahmednagar needed to sell his harvest at a simple Rs 8 for every kg.

“I had to employ laborers to pick onions from the field in rain,” the devastated farmer is heard saying in the video. “How do I pay for them? What should I take home to feed my family?” he asks, before alleging that the government is insensitive towards the farmers and has no interest in their distress.

In any case, he isn’t the one and only one. A huge number of ranchers endeavor day and night to create the harvests that feed the nation’s populace on the loose. They have been an ignored parcel for decades however the unsparing imbalance between the value that they are paid for the yield and the retail cost of a similar thing has seen an uncommon ascent over the recent years.

While there are many factors behind it, the most significant is the continued apathy of the state and the agriculture ministry towards their concerns. There is an almost 900 per cent difference between the price customers are coughing up for the onion and what the farmers are getting in return.

The seriousness of the matter can be best assessed by following the money trail in the onion business. If customers are paying Rs 99/kg and farmers are only getting Rs 8/kg, you might consider asking yourself where does the rest Rs 91 go?

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