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Home News Sourav Ganguly clarified on Sana Ganguly's bad words, know what he said

Sourav Ganguly clarified on Sana Ganguly’s bad words, know what he said

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In response to the comment on the Citizenship Amendment Act, former captains have now come forward to comment on the Citizenship Amendment Act, the daughter of Sourav Ganguly, the BCCCI president and former captain of the Indian team, Sourav Ganguly. And said that what his daughter said in protest against the citizenship law is not right. Sourav Ganguly tweeted that his daughter Sana should be kept away from politics. Sourav Ganguly made it clear that please keep Sana away from all these issues. This post is not true. She is too little girl to know anything about politics.

Sourav Ganguly and daughter
Sourav Ganguly and daughter

Please tell that BCCI Sourav Ganguly’s daughter Sana Ganguly has written on her social media’s Instagram account. Since then, rumors have arisen that Sourav Ganguly got this high rank by the recommendation of Union Home Minister Amit Shah. Sana has targeted the Sangh. Ganguly’s daughter Sana has written on her Instagram account after protests in the country since the citizenship bill was implemented. Every fascist regime needs communities and groups so that it can deactivate it, to begin with, a group or two. But it never ends that a movement created by hate can only stop itself by creating constant fear and conflict. Today those of us who feel safe are not Muslims or Christians because we are living in the heaven of fools.

The Sangh is already targeting leftist historians and ‘Westernized’ youths. Wearing women’s skirts, eating meat, drinking alcohol, watching foreign movies, kissing, not going to temples and using toothpaste or getting treatment by allopathic doctors can also cause hatred for them. No one is safe here to join hands with people and does not speak Jai Shri Ram. If we hope to keep India alive then we should realize it.

Sourav Ganguly and Sana Ganguly
Sourav Ganguly and Sana Ganguly

Let me tell you that Amit Shah is the person whose recommendation Sourav Ganguly is sitting on the post of BCCI. Another rumor is that Amit Shah has proposed to Saurav Ganguly to join BJP in Bengal, after which Ganguly has asked for time to think whether he will join BJP or not. Ganguly’s daughter spread these rumors quoting Khushwant Singh. However, during a program recently, Union Home Minister Amit Shah himself denied such things and said that he has not talked to Sourav Ganguly about this till now.

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