After Athma Sakshi, serial artist Avantika tells why she quit Priyappettaval also


Avanthika Mohan is a celebrity who became known to the miniscreen audience through the series ‘Atma Sakshi’. Even if he was a foreigner, he was well-received. Though the self-sacrificing legacy is over, the social media star is still sharing the good news with fans. After Athmasakhi, the actor reached the parade of ‘Priyappettaval’.

This time it was Raigan Rajan who paired up. Both received a spectacular reception for their screen chemistry. Avantika had to retreat while she was successfully advancing. Avantika was returning to her home country after the lockdown stopped and the shooting of the paraphernalia stopped. After months of filming, Parambara resumed, but Avantika did not arrive. The star said she was unable to travel to her destination and was forced to retreat. The actress said the decision was based on the safety of her family.

The actor has now come up with a more detailed explanation. “The shooting of two paramedics was stopped after the autorickshaw driver and the junior artist was diagnosed with the illness. Priyappettaval, all those who have been shooting for a long time have moved to Self Quarantine. I am a workaholic. The baby was taken with him. I cannot give up because acting is my passion. But in the current situation, it is not easy. The rest of the family did not leave for the shooting. Things are happening right now that are life-threatening. Everyone on her Priyappettaval team thinks she’s safe, ” says Avantika.