A Pakistani Cricket fan sings ‘Jana Gana Mana..’ at Asia Cup…

A Pakistani cricket fan’s video showing him singing Indian National
Anthem during the match between India and Pakistan in the ongoing
Asia Cup has gone viral.He is seen recording on phone camera while he sings ‘Jana Gana
Mana…’ in the most passionate manner.
And like always, the social media traced him down – Adil Taj. Talking
to ANI, Taj said that the move was a small gesture of peace from his
side. He added that he got goosebumps when he rst
heard the
Indian National Anthem in a Bollywood movie.“The moment (the) Indian National Anthem was played, I got a
reminder of Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan stating that if India
would move one step ahead then we would move two steps further. It
was a small gesture from my side towards peace, towards respect,” he

He further said that he was planning to stitch an India-Pakistan
together and wear it during the Asia Cup Super Four clash between
the two countries.

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