Watch a Tesla Model X beat a Lamborghini Aventador in a drag race Like A Boss!

We as a whole realize that Tesla’s leader Model S is a speed devil, however you may be astounded to discover that the organization’s Model X is additionally power to be figured with on the race track. In spite of the fact that the Model X is a SUV, the Model X P100D highlights a similar kind of stunning increasing speed accessible on the Model S. To assist get a gage with reference to how quick the Model X genuinely is, Tesla’s SUV was put under a magnifying glass this previous end of the week when it clashed against a Lamborghini Aventador.

The quarter-mile race was assembled by Dragtimes and the no holds barred rivalry is a significant incredible sight. At the point when the clean cleared, the Model X figured out how to squeak out a triumph over the Lamborghini by the tightest of edges, only .05 seconds to be correct. While the Model X’s absurd speeding up helped convey it to triumph, there’s no denying that the Aventador would have effortlessly gotten up to speed to and outperformed the Model X if the race separate was even only a touch longer.

Video of the to some degree abnormal race can be seen beneath.

It’s additionally important that the Model X beat the Aventador, as well as set another record for the speediest quarter-mile time by a SUV, having recorded a complete after only 11.418 seconds.

Curiously enough, Tesla’s Model S got in on the hustling activity when it likewise went up against the Lamborghini Aventador, video of which can be seen beneath.

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