7 Healthy Reasons Why Dogs Make Great Bedfellows

When you’re prepared to get some close eye, there’s a decent possibility your fuzzy canine is taking a gander at you with the yearning to jump in bed with you. All things considered, you absolutely ought to lay down with your canine!

Here are seven reasons why laying down with puppies is viewed as solid.

#1 Makes Depression Go Away

According to Everyday Health, dogs offer unconditional love, which can be very critical for someone battling depression. You can always tell your dog anything knowing you won’t be judged.

#2 They Keep You Warm At Night

Barkpost states that the temperature in dogs can be six degrees higher than our own at any given time. Snuggling with a dog is more efficient if there’s still a bit of a chill during the winter time.

#3 They Help Fight Insomnia

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