A Hacker Will Delete Zuckerberg’s Facebook Page At 3:30 PM Today, And You Can Watch It Live

LAST MODIFIED: October 1 2018, 12:17 IST

Many individuals are extremely irate with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg right now – and possibly a ton of it is even legitimized.

The issue for Zuckerberg however is that a portion of those individuals have the way to make a move. One of those individuals is white-cap programmer Chang Chi-yuan.

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Chi-yuan posted on the web based life stage on Thursday, promising his adherents that would hack into Zuckerberg’s Facebook account and erase. He’s even set to have a livestream of the occasion, beginning at 3:30 pm (IST) on Sunday.”Broadcasting the cancellation of Facebook originator Zuck’s record,” he told his more than 26,000 supporters.

As per Bloomberg, Chi-yuan is a self-broadcasted bug abundance seeker, and obviously likewise a minor big name in Taiwan. He’s showed up on neighborhood syndicated programs there and has allegedly even been sued by a nearby transport administrator subsequent to breaking their frameworks to catch a ticket for an insignificant sum.

Prior in September Chi-yuan shared a screen capture, as far as anyone knows of an Apple Pay loopholed he’d found that let him pay NT$1 for 500 iPhones, which is a little over Rs 2.5. Previously, he’s likewise professed to have broken Apple and Tesla frameworks, and is recorded in the 2016 bug abundance lobby of notoriety for a noteworthy Japanese informing customer.

“I would prefer not to be an appropriate programmer, and I would prefer even not to be a programmer by any means,” Chang posted on Facebook as of late. “I’m simply exhausted and endeavor to dally with the goal that I can procure some cash.” Many tech organizations offer money related prizes to cybersecurity analysts that draw framework vulnerabilities out into the open. The greater the proviso the more the payout, which is an awesome method to outsource your computerized security.

Let’s be realistic however, having its CEO’s profile hacked is the exact opposite thing Facebook needs at the present time, which may be Chi-yuan’s purpose. Regardless of whether only an approach to catch eye or a dissent against Facebook’s information gathering techniques, his conceivable achievement could truly undermine Facebook on the loose.

All things considered, who needs to give their information to a stage after it’s openly demonstrated they can’t protect their most prized clients?