Actress Shobana Interview: “I don’t feel bad if I don’t act in a film, as long as people are making great films”

In the previous two decades, she has done only a modest bunch of movies in Malayalam. Be that as it may, get some information about their most loved on-screen characters, and Shobana would be on the highest priority on the rundown, notwithstanding for a young person. The various national honor victor, be that as it may, doesn’t generally trust it when you instruct it to her. ‘You are joking me’, she says! Shobana is preparing to make a docudrama now, and furthermore assembling her diaries for a book. The performer and artist is as isolated as ever about her own life, however in an talk with, she shares her musings on new age movies, dreams and the sky is the limit from there.


What is the docudrama about?

Like most creative projects, it is still finding its way. It will be visual, with my notes on what shaped my art both as a practice and thoughts. It can also be a reference visual manual for Bharatanatyam as I do not have many DVDs on the subject.

Do you feel dancers are getting the sponsorship they require for innovative performances?

When I want to make a creative work, I still have producers of marketing houses dictating to me how I should make a creative video and what sells! If I face that problem, I can Imagine how difficult it must be for the rising generation of artistes to find sponsorships.

What would be your ultimate dream creation in dance?

A performance with an element of surprise and virtuosity in all the various streams of creation.


A vast majority, including teenagers, still name you as their favourite actress. How does that make you feel?

Humbled and loved. A part of me wants to say, ‘No! you’re kidding me!’

Do you keep yourself updated on Malayalam movies?

I don’t have the time or opportunity which is frustrating. I keep calling my nephew in Kochi to update me with the movies and their creative teams.

What do you feel about the current generation of actors and actresses?

Artistes are all motivated differently, with different experiences. The current generation cannot be combined into one category. Rather, I feel some have used previous, senior artistes as a learning experience and stepping stone, while some have been self-motivated. The artiste is also a product of who her audiences are.
It’s an age where films with strong women characters are being brought out in Tamil as well as Malayalam.

Would you take up a film of either language if a great role comes up? What kind would such a role be?

Of course, I would. It’s a sentiment that flows strongly in me, also strong enough to stay out of a film respectfully if I cannot contribute.
But I’m always in films one way or the other. I watch English films on TV all the time (someone should curtail my gadget watching time). I write scripts, I read scripts, I meet people who chat about their scripts. So honestly, I don’t feel bad if I don’t act in a film, as long as people are making great films.

You had mentioned a memoir on your Facebook page. Are you writing one? Is that one of the ways you unwind?

Yes, I have always loved writing, whether you like my writing is the question which needs be seen.
I unwind by watching TV which is also how I wind. I am at a point where I don’t actually have to ‘wind’ or ‘work’ – I embrace my work. The more I do what I like to do, the more I learn how to want nothing much else. The stressful part is the logistics of the work.

What do you look forward to?

I look forward to the day I don’t have to work for money.

You have always come across as a spunky, fun person, judging from your characters in films. But off screen we see mostly a serious and no-nonsense person…

I am a person who likes to watch the outside world and when I do that, I find the world watching me back and that’s when I shrink into my space. I love watching people and the way they react and talk, their intonations as well as why they express what they do and how. I make it a point to be hugely fun loving in appearances!
What you are on screen, if that is the real you, then it ceases to be acting. In films like Thenmaavin Kombath, the character came out because of the brilliance of Priyadarshan. Movie making is a pursuit of art of like-minded individuals.

What bothers you the most about people?

Most people are honest. I get irritated with myself when I realise I have been duped even with all my experience. My office has been chasing a wealthy construction baron for some money he owes me for being the brand ambassador. For three years, almost every day, the office keeps calling and they have all the energy to avoid and come up with an excuse. What to do!

Projects yet in pipeline?

I intend to start a Bachelors and Masters Programme for Bharatanatyam for serious artistes as I feel artistes are unique and special people. I might need to tweak the learning format to make a difference to them.

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