Babies as Disney princesses Is The Best Thing You’ll See Today.And It’s Just Too Cute

Feeling down today? This photograph shoot of smaller than usual Disney princesses is certain to brighten you up!

Caught by picture taker Karen Marie of Belly Beautiful Portraits, the photographs highlight six newborn child young ladies dressed as the most diminutive princesses you’ve ever observed. “Disney princesses have constantly held an uncommon place in my heart,” Marie disclosed to Scary Mommy. “Having two little girls of my own who are currently 12 and 10 and not into the princess thing any longer, makes me miss that stage!” With six distinctive princess ensembles sewn by Valerie Best of Sew Trendy Accessories, Marie caught every young lady in an exceptional organized setting and the pics look really mysterious. Continue looking to look at them and be set up for a charm over-burden.



Snow White

Ariel, The Little Mermaid

Jasmine, Alladin

Belle, Beauty and the Beast

Aurora, Sleeping Beauty

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