Barun Biswas

Do you know Barun Biswas who lost his life while battling the rapists of West Bengal?

With assaults in the nation turning into a horrifying issue and a theme of worry for any rational personality, there have been a plenty of inquiries.

Tragically, the inquiries get sidelined in the scuffle of life until another assault occurrence jars the country. It has turned into an endless loop which is scrutinizing the establishments of the greatest majority rules systems of the world.

With no one having the correct answers and only a feed of ‘Aise kaise chalega?’, ‘What are the measures that should be undertaken to combat rapes?’, there is this motivating individual who may demonstrate to us a pathway to equity – Barun Biswas.

Sutia is a little town in West Bengal which had turned into a place that is known for mammoth devastation ten years prior, in view of a gathering of accursed individuals who depended on rape to impart fear among tenants.

Barun Biswas

With strain inundating the group and the hesitance to address the tormenting issue, individuals were unsocial. Among them, a created man, Biswas, took an amplifier and tended to the obvious issue at hand.

“If we can’t protect our daughters, sisters and wives, then we shouldn’t be living in a civilized society. If we lack the courage to take on the rapists, we deserve a more severe punishment than they do… so come and join us to protect the honour of our women,” he said, as reported by the Times of India.

His words were sufficient to put a foot forward to battle and raise voices against the wrongdoings.

It was especially imperative on the grounds that Sutia had seen around 33 assaults, around twelve killings and different blackmails. The pack was driven by Sushanta Choudhury who ‘utilized’ assault and coercion to hold individuals at recover. The occupants had no alternative however to consent to his repulsive requests. There were two choices – To leave the town or get the ladies in their families assaulted.

With no help from police, Biswas helped to establish a gathering, Sutia Gonodhorshon Pratibad Mancha, to handle the threat.

It was a group of seven individuals and the individuals went from way to way to rouse individuals to talk up and not endure peacefully, Not just that, Biswas urged assault casualties to document a police grumbling.

The careful endeavors bore comes about when five lawbreakers, including Sushanta, were condemned to life detainment.

Throughout the years, Biswas offered support to the assault casualties and restored them in the general public, which ordinarily is unreasonable towards the casualties.

Be that as it may, clearly, this challenging streak had repercussions. The posse wouldn’t sit quiet and let go of this.

Biswas’ senior sibling educated, “Barun knew his life was under threat but he didn’t bother. He always had a daring streak. He looked like the boy next door but believe me, he had nerves of steel. He was scared of no one and he loved helping people, often at the cost of his own comfort. Barun kept nothing for himself, other than his bed which he would give away to the students he helped. A year ago, he finally gave it to a neighbour and would sleep on plastic sheets. Even the man who pointed him out to the assassins at Gobardanga station had received rice from him a week ago.”

There are numerous individuals who talked for Biswas.

“Women were being raped and molested in front of their husbands and children. We were forced to pay even for a puja at our home. The gang enjoyed political support. Initially, none of us knew how to begin. Till Barun walked into that street-corner meeting and threw caution and fear to the winds. It was just the spark that we needed and the protest soon snowballed into an agitation that eventually ended the reign of terror,” says Hitlal Bayen, Biswas’s neighbour.

On the portentous day of July fifth, 2012, Biswas was separated from everyone else close to the station. The executioners seized this opportunity and killed him.

Barun BIswas

Indeed, even after such huge numbers of years of his demise, he is loved as a legend is still recognized as a man who set out to make a gap in the horrifying cover overwhelming the town.

As Biswas’s mom puts it – Barun chilo, Barun ache, Barun thakbe. It translates to – Barun was, Barun is and Barun will be.