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If you want a happy married life, then do these 4 medical tests before marriage

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If your relationship is fixed and you are going to get married in the same wedding season, then you must have done planetary constellation, horoscope matching and compatibility test to have a happy married life. But one more thing which is very important before marriage is medical test.

Hindu Wedding
Hindu Wedding

It is very important that before spending their entire life with someone, both partners are fully aware of each other’s medical history and medical status so that they do not face any problem or problem later. We are telling you about those 4 medical tests which must be done before marriage.


What is the condition of sperm in men, how much is the sperm count, and it is necessary to have an infertility test to know about the things related to women’s ovary health. Since there are no specific symptoms related to infertility in the body, it is necessary to get a test done so that there will be no problem in future family planning and pregnancy. If you come to know about it already, then you will be able to get the right treatment.

Blood Test
Blood Test

If the blood group of both spouses is not compatible or compatible with each other, then problems can occur during pregnancy. So it is very important for both partners to have Rh factor beans. In such a situation, get the blood group compatibility test done before marriage.

genetic diseases
genetic diseases

Genetic diseases very easily pass from one generation to another. Therefore, it is very important to get tests and treatment of these diseases in time. The list of such diseases includes breast cancer, colon cancer, kidney diseases and diabetes.

Pre-marital sex has become common these days. In such a situation, it will be good for both of them if they get sexually transmitted disease tested before marriage. HIV, AIDS, gonorrhea, herpes, hepatitis C – These are some of the diseases that spread due to unprotected sex. Most of these diseases can prove to be fatal. So before the wedding STD and STI test must be done.

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