Mithali Raj weared a top and public shamed her!!

This is seriously getting old , STOP SHAMING WOMEN for all these stuff.

This was On September 6,Mithali Raj Indian cricket team’s captain tweeted a throwback photo with her friends. It was really sweet, everybody looked happy and that should have been all.

Except that it wasn’t, because the perennially unemployed upholders of sanskaar crawled out of their holes to give Mithali Rajsome unwarranted fashion advice. She was slut-shamed for wearing a camisole and possessing her cleavage

There’s nothing unfamiliar about this story. Woman wears an outfit, people with an internet connection have problems with said outfit, said people outrage because what else to do with all this free internet.

It would be remiss of me to not remind you of how Mithali was recently shamed for having sweat stains on her shirt.

This time Mithali Raj didn’t have to shut it down alone as her stans had her back. Mithali Raj’s fans and supporters flooded her TL with adulation in a successful attempt to drown out the haters.

It was honestly beautiful, especially this guy:

And to the haters who are very mad at women for exercising their agency and wearing whatever the hell they want.

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