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One day my dream will come true, if you can help me

A 8-year-old boy, who is suffering from cancer, can help if you think . There is no dream for anyone … Dear, girl, poor, rich man everyone has a dream. Likewise, there is a huge dream of Tuhuntha, the only son of the correctional worker. His dream is a great doctor. There is no limit to his dream. Everyone in the neighborhood of Tahr knows about his dream.

In his doctor’s game, he is not in that place where he has not been diagnosed. One day everyone believed that he was definitely a doctor and wearing a white coat. But today he is kumati kumatti vattiyatti and difficulty to breathe our belief.

Every time the doctors come to examine him, he is afraid of needle and hiding behind my sari. He was weakened by cancer and weighed the weight of his son to the unwanted level. Tuhir 8 year old boy. He was more intelligent than any other child of his age. Much of his great joy was to bring great numbers and study without any difficulty with bigger words. Tuhir’s knowledge of the size of his parents was great. His parents wanted him to give him a medical study he wanted. But the fate played in a different direction. In their peaceful village life began to storm. After a long game of playing a game on Saturday, Tuhir came back home and sat down for a while. Then I raised him and gave me food. At that time, my vision was in his stomach. I realized his stomach was slightly swollen. And it seemed to me that his stomach was in an extraordinary form.

Even though we were unreaded, we realized that we should take this hospital immediately to the hospital. We went to a nearby hospital. We went to a different hospital without worrying them. No one can go to every doctor and find out the situation. Our tension did not end. Two x-rays were taken and four of the medical advice did not give any benefit. Then we went to a doctor through a family friend. He doubted that this would be a stomach tumor. He immediately told Tahrir Hospital. He also urged them to go to Chennai immediately because of the lack of medical facilities in Kolkata. We traveled to Chennai with the mood of what could be different confusion, shock and truth. As we spent our life in the village, the skyscrapers and the unmasked people who grew up in the village increased our fears. There were concerns in the face of my wife’s face, along with the confusion about what’s going to come from Chennai to my hometown and the idea of ​​what happened to her son.

The money that our friends and ours gave was enough for the cost of medical care and the current trip. We arrived in a new state without money in hand. It was a great challenge to migrate to a new state that was unresponsive to the problem of their son. Their answer was in Kolkata, where there was no one to answer.

They were immediately allowed to go to Tuhira hospital without wasting time after arriving in Chennai. Doctors checked Duhr. After hours of cruel wait, doctors told the truth. Tuhir claimed that the rare type of disease was caused by Wilm’s tumor. Tuhir’s left kidney suffered from this tumor. Generally it is a rare type of disease, and only children below the age of five will be affected by this disease. But Tuhirku age 9. Doctors decided that the chemotherapy treatment should be given immediately. After six months of chemotherapy treatment, the doctors hoped that the patient could be fully recovered by performing a surgery. We can not believe what doctors say to the left tunnel in the left kidney . We do not even understand what doctors in our home say. But they can only understand what they say can cure this disease.

We decided to do anything to save Tuhir’s life. In the new town, we only ate once in a day to save him for his medical expenses. We believe that we can save our son’s life by removing a small amount of money for two times. Tuhir’s sister, by her little arms, tied the tiger’s belly and hopes that the swelling would decrease. She is a little boy who can not understand what’s going on here. She could not fully understand Tuhir’s impact on her parents to understand her. Tuhir’s father is a person who earns up to Rs. 3000 per month as a hair changer. Until then, he has spent Rs 50,000 for medical assistance and travel expenses. Their complete savings have been dissolved and they have to borrow from their relatives and friends.

What can you do to help them?

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