This present Stepmom’s Wedding Vows To Her Future 4-Year-Old Son Brings The Boy To Tears

Amid the wedding of two U.S. benefit individuals, a four-year-old kid stole the show after his future mother made wedding promises to him.

At the point when senior aviator in Air Force, Emily Leehan – who was wedding Marine Sgt. Joshua Newville – made her touching pledges to her future stepson, Gage, the young man was moved to overpowering tears.

Leehan stated,

“The exact opposite thing that I trust you learn is that you are an exceptionally extraordinary kid. You are so to a great degree brilliant, attractive and kind to others. You have helped shape me into the lady that I am today, and I might not have given you the endowment of life, but rather life definitely gave me the endowment of you.”

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