Smita Sabharwal the first lady IAS officer to be appointed to the Chief Minister’s Office.

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Smita Sabharwal
Smita Sabharwal

Born on nineteenth June 1977, Smita Sabharwal is an IAS officer of the 2001 cluster. She had an extremely intriguing background while serving the country, not at all like numerous other Civil servants.Initially, she was distributed to the Andhra Pradesh cell. After the segment of Andra Pradesh into Telangana in 2014, she got exchanged to Telangana cell. From there on , when a shiny new state appeared she turned into the principal female IAS officer to be selected to the Chief Minister’s office.

In the wake of clearing the UPSC examinations, it’s exceptionally youthful age of 23 she has likewise bested the UPSC examinations as she secured rank 4.Smita Sabharwal chose Indian authoritative administration IAS work the most renowned activity of the nation.It was conceivable in view of his folks dream, fathers goal and support. Her dad’s fantasy was to see her be an IAS and simply needed to give UPSC examinations. Furthermore, she completed her graduation in business she promptly began getting ready for common administration examinations for next 1 year. She has put her everything endeavors clear the UPSC examinations in a single endeavor and made her dad pleased.

Smita Sabharwal comes to think about clearing examinations by All India Radio who was complimenting her for securing fourth rank in CSE examinations.Being a business graduate she had picked human sciences and open organization as her discretionary subjects in UPSC examinations. She has likewise given to her training establishment where she was getting ready for UPSC examinations.

Smita Sabharwal
Smita Sabharwal

Discussing the life history of Smita Sabharwal, she was naturally introduced to Bengali family in West Bengal. Her dad Colonel Pranab Das, was a resigned officer of the Indian Army. As her dad was in the armed force so there used to be a general exchange of her dad so because of that she learned at different schools the country over. She finished her last two years of tutoring at St.Ann’s School, Marredpally, Hyderabad.At that point she finished her four year certification in Commerce from St. Francis Degree College. It was in 2001 when she go out in UPSC exam and got chose for the post of IAS.

When she was posted in Warangal and Karimnagar, she gave more significance to the issues which were essentially worried about the cutting edge – urban working class.She had an eating up enthusiasm for the most recent devices and advancements in innovation and had been continually endeavoring to help them to enhance its proficiency.Her concept of checking the Government specialists through e-media like Skype has totally changed the look of the general wellbeing division.Additionally, she made a beware of the execution of Government schools through exceptionally outlined programming had made Karimnagar and Medak locale remain on top in the state amid her administration period over yonder.

Discussing her conjugal life, Smita is hitched to Dr. Akun Sabharwal who was an IPS officer of a similar clump i.e 2001. Sabharwal at first had a place with the Assam cell however after the wedding, he looked to exchange to the Andhra Pradesh cell on taking utilization of the administer which permits exchange between cells for officers upon marriage.Both Mr. what’s more, Mrs. Sabharwal picked Telangana cell after its parcel from Andra Pradesh in 2014. They have two kin Nanak and Bhuvis.

Smita Sabharwal has dependably been synonymous to Sincerity, Honesty and Diligence. What’s more, that is the thing that made her the principal woman IAS officer to be delegated to the Chief Minister’s Office.

Being straightforward isn’t so natural. It takes a considerable measure of strength and solid will to deal with the weights and work effectively. There are numerous legitimate officers in India. What’s more, numerous fearless officers as well. The rarest species are the ones with both these characteristics – elusive and are dependably a bad dream to criminals; Smita is one of such kind who has committed herself for open administration.


“By being Sincere, one often can create revolutions without having sought them”