‘The Good Girl’: This short film every parent must watch !!

Premarital sex is as yet a tremendous forbidden in Indian culture and among the significant reasons why ladies experience hazardous systems for fetus removal when they wind up with an undesirable pregnancy.

The strain to avoid sex until the point that marriage is tremendous, particularly on ladies, who perpetually endure the worst part of social judgment. Nonetheless, this short film from Blush titled The Good Girl makes one consider how a parent’s help to a young lady can have a significant effect in such a circumstance.

In the film, a young lady is in the washroom, very nearly seeing whether she’s pregnant or not. Be that as it may, before she can discover, her mom jumps in and begins gabbing with her about the gathering her dad needs to toss for her at night.

It’s just well into the monolog that her eyes fall on the pregnancy test and the two ladies discuss it. While the well-known situations of fault and blame play out in both their psyches, the mother chooses to be strong.

At the point when the little girl starts to apologize, saying she generally settled on the wrong choices and that she knows she isn’t the “great young lady” they needed her to be, the mother says, with a catch in her voice, that she herself was a lady who had never been permitted to settle on any choice – considerably whether they should have a get-together that night or not.

In spite of the fact that she is irate with her little girl about having unprotected sex (the mother winds up perusing messages from her beau), she offers to be close by to get past the trial.

Interesting that both the ladies have this discussion even before discovering the consequence of the pregnancy test. The outcome, much to their alleviation, is negative yet the mother’s offer of help changes their relationship for good.

While the subject itself is invigorating, what’s shockingly better is the quantity of individuals who have hailed the film – a significant number of them are young ladies who’ve said thanks to their mothers for being their emotionally supportive network.