Lefty means trouble in our country Being one is this country of it immense culture and traditions I had my share of troubles too Starting from childhood I was made to feel weird than unique. 13% of the world is left handed. Yet the stigma of left handed remain the same When did i realise -it that the priest who refused to give prasad to a forwarded left hand of a five year old or the abuses of a teacher for eating with left hand?? But when you have a supportive family, u learn to brush it off and move on. Sitting in school library and writing is a bad idea. Your could hear the hush of people talking about you the weird animal in not so a whisper You have to always sit at the end left end of the desk. Explaining why you could not write in these chair to an examiner during exams bring wrath in him Since childhood I had trouble using scissors, when mocked at it thought I really am stupid.then one day thanks to Internet I came to know it’s a left handed problem and right handed scissors are available. The teachers should scold you for being g messy and ink all over your hand Being a lefty doctor is too weird sometimes, had a patient once asking are you a real doctor if so why are you using your left hand??? All the procedures and examination is written for a right handed person. Left handed is supposed to do vice versa. Sounds simple. But you can’t learn vice versa so easily.!!! It’s written palpable with right hand and feel with left .you read so but at the time of doing you will be confused whether it was what you read or what you are supposed to do. I personally collect the weird questions I get along the way and sometimes have the perfect answers too but it’s not offensive to ask but is to reply So here I am writing something. .. Scenario 1 A: oh! You are left handed? ! Me :(Are you blind,) Yes A: All the time, since childhood? ? Me: (no, today morning I got a vision ,almighty asked me to start writing with my left hand) Yes A: is there any problem with your right hand Me: (it’s paralysed ) A: you must be very intelligent, lefty are so talented Me : ( not much but I just refused the Nobel Prize ) Once during the last 5 minutes of university exam, the examiner realised I was left Handed Not Only He Made A Scene Called All Others To Show Me Writing.

Then I realised how the animals might feel in the zoo!!! I Have no complaints but I was enraged by the behaviour of a senior doctor, a surgeon the head of a department, when I went to take his signature for an important paper, he asked me for a pen. I gave him with the left hand. He started shouting at me, asking me if my right hand is paralysed or someone broke it. When I told hi I was left handed, he felt it’s so offensive that someone uses his left hand,he signed the paper with his left hand. I had to go and apologise for my “inappropriate and offensive “ behaviour to get the signature and got a lecture on how to behave!!! When an educated doctor who knows the dominance of hand and the science behind it, how am I supposed to expect the common man to understand. It’s funny how people doesn’t let their education come in way of their ignorance and stupid superstition Does the surgeon doesn’t use both hand while operating?? If all auspicious thing are done with right hand then why do you have a left hand ,why does the superstitious people get their right hand amputated? ? Sachin batting with left hand is not the an issue but your child writing with left hand will bring wrath The anatomy and physiology of both hands are same. When God hasn’t made a differentiating why do human have a problem?? Being left handed is not weird or a shame or a disease. It’s normal. Life is already unfair for a left handed person in a right handed world. Don’t make it harder Nevertheless we lefties are proud of ourselves and do know we are kind of cool people!!

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