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Home Thoughts This Traffic Jam In Belgian Forest Was Stuck For 70 Years

This Traffic Jam In Belgian Forest Was Stuck For 70 Years

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These spooky prophetically calamitous pictures are not a scene from “Strolling Dead”, they were really taken at one of the greatest auto burial grounds on the planet – the Chatillion Car Graveyard, Belgium.

As indicated by a urban legend these autos were abandoned by US warriors from World War II, who couldn’t transport them back to the US so they chose to shroud them in a timberland until they could return and recover them. Local people differ and say that it’s essentially an old auto dump of vehicles made after the WWII.

At a certain point there were four auto burial grounds in Chatillon with upwards of 500 retro vehicles. Sadly, a large portion of the autos were stolen or expelled by local people and because of ecological issues the entire memorial parks was cleared in 2010.

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