What Do You See When You Look In The Mirror?

LAST MODIFIED: October 1 2018, 15:23 IST

What do you see when you look in the mirror?

I trust you (one ) see a lady who’s justified, despite all the trouble and merits only the best.

A solid lady of quality, boldness, elegance and appeal a survivor who witness/see love, excellence, empathy and tolerance. Awoman who adores herself with no judgment, a lady who declines to be scrutinized by others.

She has progressed significantly to have the capacity to state to herself that I adore myself with defects .A lady who may have been living in dread and detachment( past the torment) a lady who at long last set herself free.

A lady who, with time has picked up insight and learning and has felt control like she has never felt. A lady who has discovered peace with her identity and has figured out how to commend every n each day of her life ,she has the right to be adored and valued for her identity.

A lady who may have been thumped to her knees by what life had tossed at her, yet at the same time she gets up each time and moves others to do likewise. A lady who strolls with her head (held )high,who is pleased with her identity a relentless lady, she may have tears in her eyes, her heart broken, however she is a lady who will never surrender (a contender), one who declines to venture down who isn’t characterized by others words, since she characterizes herself.

We would like to see that lady each and every day in the mirror, let her live, let her inhale (her identity) let her be free