Who is a Transgender? How about we observe it !!

The word ‘transgender ‘or trans is a term for people whose gender identity is different from the sex assigned at birth.Some transgender people identify as male or female, Some choose to identify as male or female.

While the visibility of transgender people is increasing, but still face severe discrimination and inequality.Some of the specific issues facing the transgender community are lack of legal protection.Recently steps are taken to include transgender people under existing non-discrimination protections.This lack of legal protection led to unemployment for them.

As transgenders have experienced unemployment, being unable to afford basic living necessities.Society is not aware of their rights they think of being transgender is a mental disorder.

Many transgender people are the targets of hate crimes. They are also the victims of discrimination which includes questions about their body parts.The rule of law is supreme and everyone is equal in the eyes of law in India. The gender to which a person belongs is to be determined by the person concerned.
Even as transgender people have scored political victories and turned public opinion in favor of more protections.There are so many transgenders who marked their identity to the world.

Rudrani Chhetri, Delhi-based transgender activist and head of Mitr Trust, opened a modeling agency to help transgender models get work and recognition.Kalki Subramaniam, activist, and author, established Sahodari Foundation that works for the empowerment of transgender persons in India.

Madhu Kinnar grabbed headlines last year when she fought mayoral elections in Raigarh, Chhattisgarh as an independent candidate and won. She is the first transgender person in India who has become a mayor.She defeated her BJP opponent by 4,537 votes.

Laxmi Narayan Tripathi is a transgender rights activist, Hindi film actor and Bharatanatyam dancer in Mumbai, India. She is the first transgender person to represent Asia Pacific in the UN in 2008.

Change cannot come too soon for transgender people. Visibility especially positive images of transgender people in the media and society continue to make difference. The Human Rights Campaign is committed to supporting the transgender community so that the transgender have an equal chance to succeed and thrive.