Avarude Ravukal Watch Full Movie Online

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Avarude Ravukal has a plot that we have heard and watched in many stories, in a variety of styles. Bringing in some likeable novelty to the script and narration would have been the best way to say its story, which is quite a simple tale at its core. However, it looks like in the quest to present something unprecedented, the film forgot to keep in mind the most essential aspect of a balanced audience connect.

Avarude Ravukal Watch Full Movie Online

An aspiring actor who hails from a remote village, Aashiq(Asif Ali) is a child-like, innocent man with average talent and rejection is all that’s coming his way. Vijay (Vinay Forrt) is a trainer, but he has a secret that’s haunting him to no end. Sidharth (Unni Mukundan) lives an aimless life and believes that’s the ideal way to go ahead. All of them are lured into an interesting arrangement of accommodation, offered by an old man (Nedumudi Venu) and gradually, his influence results in many changes.

A major part of the film is about how you should discover yourself and the ways and means towards the same. Here and there, you might be able to connect with incidents and people who entered your life at various junctures, only to influence you positively and leave you thoroughly transformed. However, the treatment of the story in showcasing this makes it a tiresome watch that tests your patience.

Avarude Ravukal Watch Full Movie Online

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Probably to say the story in an experimental fashion, the audience are taken back and forth in the narration quite frequently during the course of the film, to show the various phases in the lives of the three protagonists. While that in itself erodes an enjoyable watching experience, you also start wondering what is so ‘unbearably tough’ about the whole situations through which the characters pass through, especially, Siddharth. Even Aashiq’s struggles to emerge as a successful actor isn’t conceived well enough in the film and in many junctures, you get a taste of overacting and artificiality. Nedumudi Venu has given a decent performance as a chilled out veteran under the same
roof with the youngsters.

May be a few moments in Avarude Ravukal might prompt you to find yourself and convince you that it’s the key to solving a big chunk of your issues. However, steer clear if self-exploration isn’t what you are expecting from themovie-watching experience as that’s all it offers, mostly.