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Aji Mathew (Dulquer Salmaan) is a youngster from Palai and is a strong communist. He comes from a Kerala Congress Party family, where his father, Mathew (Siddique), is a prominent leader in the party. Aji falls in love with Sarah (Karthika Muralidharan), an American citizen who came to Kerala for her studies. Later, he receives news from his comrade Hari (Dileesh Pothan) that her parents have taken her back to the U.S. Aji desperately wants to see her, even if they both can’t get married. He finds out that there is no way that he can get a visa within the period of the marriage, so decides to illegally enter to the US through Mexico as suggested by his cousin Cyril (Jinu Joseph), who is in America. Aji first goes to Nicaragua, where a visa isn’t needed. There, he meets Arul (John Vijay), a Sri Lankan taxi driver. Together, they decide to go to America. Then both travel to Reynosa in Mexico, where they find a guide to lead them across the borders safely. Aji meets others in their group, who are also trying to cross over illegally. He became friends with Pallavi (Chandini Sreedharan), a Malayalee in their group. The group is cheated by their guide who robs them and escapes after the first day. Instead of dropping the plan, Akai, a Chinese man among them, says that he has a GPS and can find the route to the US. Through the journey, they encounter an armed gang but they are defeated by the group with Aji’s initiation for the offense. Arul, after encountering an accident, decides to drop the plan and return to Nicaragua. As the journey continues, they are found by surveillance drones. Aji, along with Pallavi, Akai and Laden (a Pakistani immigrant) escape. The American police capture other illegal immigrants and are shown the dead body of Arul, asking if they know him. Aji and Laden are captured by the police after trying to cross the border to the USA. As they are transported, the police vehicle meets with an accident and both of them manage to escape. Aji finds his cousin Cyril (Jinu Joseph), who tells him that he met with Sarah, who told him that she has already rejected Aji, and has agreed to the marriage and might have called to self-validate her position with him before marrying another person.

C.I.A Watch Full Movie Online

Aji, along with Cyril, go to meet Sarah on her wedding day as his father had insisted, and Aji conveys to her that it was good that they separated, and the experience that the earlier journey gave him was one of the most memorable in life. Later, when Aji was about to leave, he is advised by Cyril that the first love in our life is like the first pancake one makes, and there is no guarantee it should be a success and says if he wants to stay, he can make arrangements. Aji jokes to him that he has now found an alternative for a side dish while consuming alcoholic beverages and says that his homeland calls him. On the plane, he meets Pallavi. She explains that she got arrested along with Akai, and both of them are getting deported back to India and China. They then embark on their journey together back to India. In a post-credits scene, it explains that Aji’s political opinions weren’t a success either, after Kora Sir, the local Kerala Congress leader, won the election, and so did Donald Trump in the U.S.

C.I.A Watch Full Malayalam movie 2017

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