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In California, Republican gubernatorial candidate John Kory is trying to raise his dismal poll numbers. Sunny Kurishingal,( Mohanlal) Kory’s chief adviser, is running out of ideas to ensure Kory’s victory. Sunny asks Francis Kunjappan, a Public Works Department minister in Kerala and his friend, for advice on hiring a political consultant. Kunjappan, recommends his friend (and political rival) Jagannathan, hoping to rid himself of a threat to his ministerial position. Jagannathan, a young politician, and sports enthusiast knows no English but has a talent for solving serious problems prudently (as Kunjappan knows firsthand). However, Kunjappan thinks that Jaganathan’s unorthodox ideas will fail in the United States. Kunjappan meets Jagannathan and offers him the job for ₹30 crore (₹300 million), enough to realize Jagannathan’s dream project of owning a sports academy. Jagannathan accepts the assignment and flies to the US with his assistants, Pottakuzhi Jabbar and Vayalar Varkey.

Peruchazhi Watch Full Movie Online

They are met by Sunny, who explains their job and the US political system. Unlike India, there are only two major parties: Republican and Democratic. The Democratic Party is leading in California and their candidate, George Hopes, is well-liked by the public. Jagannathan must increase the Republican poll numbers, enabling them to win the election, and decides to use Indian political tactics; he influences the media, recruiting screenwriters to craft effective speeches. He meets a Chinese man, Dupli, who sells counterfeit electronic equipment.

Jagannathan is also looking for a girl to marry. He meets a prostitute, Jessy, and they fall in love. Kory’s poll numbers are rising rapidly because of Jagannathan’s tactics. One night, though, Sunny and Kory visit him with bad news. Sunny tells him that a compromising video of Kory and a girl has been leaked; although all copies have been destroyed, the original is believed to be in Hopes’ locked room. Jagannathan takes the video from Hopes’ house, giving Sunny a message that the tape has been destroyed. The election campaign is declared over, and John Kory is certain to win. When Sunny learns that the campaign budget has been overspent, they decide to withhold Jagannathan’s fee. Sunny promises that if he makes the campaign cost-effective, he will be considered for a cabinet post.

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Jagannathan asks for his fee one last time, saying that he needs it to ransom Jessy’s child, but Sunny dismisses him. Knowing that he has been cheated, Jagannathan warns Sunny that he will make Kory lose the election the following day. He comes with the money, but it is not known where it came from. Kory loses the election, which is a shock to the Republican Party. Jagannathan calls Sunny and tells him that he joined Andy and Hopes, who paid his fee. With Dupli’s help, Jagannathan replaced the voting machines with duplicates. The video was not destroyed; Jabbar made a copy, which was released to the media. Jagannathan and his friends return to India with Jessy, and he opens his sports academy.