Puthiya Niyamam Watch Full Movie Online

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Puthiya Niyamam is a 2016 Indian Malayalam-language crime drama film written and directed by A. K. Sajan. The film stars Mammootty and Nayantara in the lead roles, along with Baby Ananya, Sheelu Abraham, Aju Varghese, Rachana Narayanankutty and S. N. Swamy in supporting roles. The film was released on 12 February 2016.

The film explores the drug-fueled crimes and consumption of substances like marijuana and LSD by the youth. The film was dubbed and released in Telugu as Vasuki in 2017 and Tamil as Vasuki in 2018 April.

Puthiya Niyamam Watch Full Movie Online

Louis Pothen is a television film critic, an artist, a divorce lawyer and also participates in a live TV channel named “Kathrika”. His wife Vasuki Iyer is a Kathakali artist and they live together along with their school-going daughter. They live away from their parents since their marriage was an inter-caste one.

Vasuki is raped by her two neighbors and their cloth presser. Vasuki is frightened to discuss with her husband about her being raped. Vasuki with DCP Jeena Bhai’s telephonic assistance kills her rapists. Vasuki assures DCP that she would never have any contacts with her in the future and if they meet accidentally, would behave like strangers.

It is revealed that Louis was informed by Swami of his wife being raped. Swami had witnessed Vasuki being raped from his house but did not have the courage to save Vasuki since the rapists were notorious and drug addicts. Louis through a mobile software (which can transform a male voice to a female voice) mimicked DCP Jeena Bhai and guided Vasuki to murder her rapists. Louis never reveals the truth to Vasuki and decides to keep it a secret so that they could lead a happy married life.

Puthiya Niyamam Watch Full Movie Online

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