Sudani From Nigeria Watch Full Movie Online

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Sudani From Nigeria Review: The name Sudani from Nigeria is unique, but it does have a lazy downmarket tinge to it. And when you see the actors featured on its posters, most of whose faces aren’t quite familiar or rank among our top artists, it’s easy to judge it as a project that might not offer much. All of the impressions are quashed soon after this refreshing sports drama begins and casually moves forward like a neighborhood tale. This film shows how a story with a strong spine and actors of caliber can still put together a wonderfully entertaining and touching tale.

Samuel aka Sudu is an ace striker in Majeed’s Sevens football team, which has many players like him imported from Africa. Halfway through the tournament, Sudu has a freak accident and injures his leg and spine. He is forced to rest, and Majeed takes him home to recuperate. However, one after the other a series of troubles crop up, putting both Majeed and Sudu in a soup.

Sudani From Nigeria Watch Full Movie Online

Sports dramas of M-Town are often cookie-cutter underdog stories but Sudani from Nigeria is truly different. It’s an amazingly refreshing tale, set in the electric environment of football frenzy in Malappuram. Each of the characters is so adorable that all of them win the viewers’ hearts. Impressing the audience is a habit for Soubin Shahir but the one that surprises in this film is Samuel, the 19-year-old handsome Nigerian actor. Be it as a puzzled foreigner amidst the over-caring Malayalis or as the enraged African soul who can’t stand the privileged wasting water, his performance is stupendous. His smile lights up the screen and when he is in pain, it reflects both on to the rest on the frame and the viewers outside of it. Many of the scenes that show his caretakers praying to alleviate Sudu’s misery, or for the recovery of his passport and the like get etched in our minds. It’s also a lot of fun to watch how the African players merge with the Malappuram crowd, be it to check out a neighborhood shop or push away two sparring football groups.

Sudani From Nigeria Watch Full Movie Online

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When the movie traverses beyond the football zone to the war-torn world of Sudu’s family and turns its attention to the lovelorn character of Majeed’s mom, the film ends up effortlessly exploring many bigger issues too. Savithri Sreedharan who plays Corbin’s mom’s character and Sarasa Balussery’s Beeyumma also stay with us long after the movie wraps up.

Sudani from Nigeria might not have big names to boast of but it’s got everything in its right place, be it comedy, sentiments, thrills or tears. A trip to check him out would definitely be worth it.