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Virginia Man Wins The Lottery By Playing Numbers, From A Dream!

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An Australian lottery winner said his lucky numbers came to him in a dream 13 years ago. Photo by Robert Lessmann/Shutterstock.

Numbers from dream bring lottery jackpot 13 years later

In Virginia, a  man followed his dreams. They led him right to a six-figure lottery jackpot.

Numbers from dream bring lottery jackpot 13 years later 2424

Victor Amole the one hell of a lucky man dreamed about the numbers 3-10-17-26-32. Duly when he woke, he used them in four identical Cash 5 tickets.

“I’ve never had a dream like that before,” the computer programmer told the Virginia Lottery department.

The numbers hit! Consequently making all four tickets winners of the $100,000 top prize and earning him $400,000 for the Jan. 13 drawing.

Amole plans to invest his winnings rather than out-spending the lot.

According to the Virginia Lottery website, the odds of winning the Cash 5 game are 1 in 278,256.

In an other news,  Australian man who scored a $700,000 lottery lottery said his numbers came to him in a dream  which took place earlier 13 years earlier.

The East Devonport, Tasmania, man won a total $709,842.97 from the May 8 Wednesday Lotto drawing, and the winner said his numbers came from an unusual place.

“I’ve been playing these numbers for 13 years. I dreamt them one night — they appeared in my dream,” the man told TattsLotto officials. “I woke up and wrote them down, and I’ve been playing them ever since.”

“I thought one day I would see them all there. I hadn’t given up on them!” he said. “They’ve won other prizes over the years, but this is the biggest prize so far.”

“They’re certainly my lucky numbers so I’ll still keep playing them,” he said.

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