‘Those who trolled Chunchu Nair, my father had a dog named Ammu Varma,’ says Sally Varma

Gave her a name Ammu Varma because she is considered a member of the family.

Sali Verma, an activist of Human Society Society, responded to the news of the cat’s death anniversary. Sally Verma says that adding the pet’s name to the second, they add that the second part of their name is like a family member.

Chunchu Nair


Sally Verma’s Facebook post starts with the news that she was very happy when she saw her in the newspaper’s death anniversary.

Sally said that his father was a breeder and that it was the name of Amma Verma, saying that all families are similar to their children and that is the reason for any religion. Salli’s father told her that she was the youngest daughter in the name of Amma Verma because she was a member of the family and was not a casteist.

Chunchu Nair

Few months ago, she told her that she was dead and that she would be her sister. Sally concludes that her family is family members and that the cat deserves respect.

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